Divine Council delivers the music video for "Decemba" (Remix) featuring André 3000. You can view the 3 Stacks-directed clip above via VEVO.

The visual begins with SilkMoney escaping the courtroom with help from his policewoman girlfriend, played by Venus X. He makes his getaway alongside fellow Divine Council members IcyTwat, Cyrax and Lord Cinco. As the crew gets back to the crib to meet back up with SilkMoney's girl, police officers begin surround the hideout and eventually bust through the front door before killing SilkMoney.

The video matches the song's lyrics perfectly - especially André's verse. Divine Council tells Complex what it's like to have a co-sign from 3 Stacks. "Man, having Andre involved was a dream come true," SilkMoney says. "The whole experience of working with him side by side on something so amazing is deadass hard to fathom. Truly appreciate to have a mentor like him and truly appreciative in his belief in us."

Meanwhile, Cyrax says, "Having Andre involved is so cool, he's really our mentor. He really gets what we trying to do and sees the vision we see."

IcyTwat, the only Council member not from Virginia (he hails from Chicago) says, "To be working with a legend like Andre is crazy as hell to me. The video was cool as hell to be in, it was like a movie. Seeing Andre in that director mode and having to be in actor mode was so tight. Definitely a new experience."

XXL spoke with the budding Richmond, Va. collective for The Break. SilkMoney says the group's goal in hip-hop is to “change the sound, change the feeling, and change the world. It ain’t really just about chasing the paper, at the end of the day niggas trying to make amazing fucking music and deadass change the whole sound. Everything sounds the same. Everything is trap this, trap that. It’s so many subgenres to trap [laughs].”

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