Mello Music Group will be re-releasing the Analog Brothers' classic album Pimp to Eat on June 10.

Originally dropped in 2000, the album featured 16 songs from the experimental hip-hop group consisting of Rex Roland (aka Pimp Rex), Keith Korg (aka Kool Keith), Ice Oscillator (aka Ice-T), Silver Synth (aka Black Silver) and Marc Moog (aka Marc Live). To go along with the announcement, the group drop "We Sleep Days," which you can listen to below. Pre-order the album on iTunes here or cop the vinyl and CD version of the LP.

Kool Keith is definitely excited about the project. "This re-release is like a new beginning," he said. "I heard this in my past life. This shit is timeless."

Pimpin' Rex, the legendary beatsmith who did production for Body Count and the chorus on Ice-T’s “I’m Your Pusher,” explains why they are re-releasing the project now.

"When I created the Analog Brothers project the digital craze was starting to take over the music format in 1999," Rex said. "I saw this as an opportunity to give a tribute to the analog sound that would be left behind - along with my studio full of analog instruments, like the old synthesizers and 808 drum machine. If I were to have a favorite song on the album it would be 'We Sleep Days' which is a classic Rex Roland production."

These five fly horsemen of the apocalypse are delivering digital blows and giving younger fans an experience that they never forget. Pimp to Eat is one of the most overlooked rap classics of its era, full of bizarre boasts, ice-cold and meteor-hard beats.

Hear "We Sleep Days" below.

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