Of late, Duct Tape Ent. has been cultivating a strong movement in Atlanta and throughout the south. At the head of Tha Mob is Alley Boy, the Atlantic Records signed CEO of DTE, who looks to bring street-bred music to the masses with Definition of F*ck Shit 2.

In both sound and content, the mixtape is a fiery package of boisterous bangers. Street savvy rhymes lay over thumping beats to create the life-in-the-trap narrative played out on much of DOFS2, heard on songs like “F*ck With Me,” “Fake Nigga,” “Rappin' & Robbin' Pt. 2” and “Tools.” Though these can feel repetitive, they are exactly what one looks for from an Alley Boy project. The most successful and nuanced of the bunch is “Rob Me A Nigga,” a melodic threat-filled track featuring excellent showings from Freddie Gibbs and Big K.R.I.T., who provides both the hook and the beat.

“Ease The Pain” is a deviation, both in its soulful sound and deeply personal rhymes, from most of the tape—but this is a welcomed addition: “No way to ease the pain/Tears fallin' in the rain/My cousin Sean died from an aneurism in his brain,” Alley raps with honesty. “When I Die,” the album closer, provides a similarly introspective take over light keys and unrelenting drums.

At times showing Alley Boy's more subtle side, the majority of Definition of Fuck Shit 2 is an full of brutal and bombastic anthems that, sure to make any listener want to get into some fuck shit themselves. —Adam Fleischer

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