Wednesday, Mar. 18, news spread across social media that a Black University of Virginia student named Martese Johnson was a victim of police brutality. The altercation between state liquor agents and the undergrad student happened outside a popular college bar and was caught on video. Johnson was allegedly singled out for having a fake ID. The result of this altercation left Johnson bloodied and in need 10 stitches in his head.

As Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe has launched an investigation into the matter, hip-hop began to weigh in on the topic. Chicago rapper Alex Wiley took to Twitter to say that he personally knows Martese and is enraged by news of yet another example of what appears to be race-fueled police brutality.

Wiley, who is of mixed race background, went on to also urge his fans of all races to spread the word on Martese's beating.

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