Alex Wiley put together two of his past collaborations with Chance The Rapper for a new music video. The Chicago rapper pairs up his 2015 cut "Navigator Truck" with 2013's "Spaceship" for an animated video using dolls.

The visual kicks off with the Alex Wiley doll getting close to a Barbie in a toy truck. "Navigator Truck" plays for the first half of the video before closing out with Chance The Rapper's verse.

"I don't have to log in, I ain't never sign up/Just let that shit resonate, I need a girl like Tessa Mae/I just added pages to my resume like yesterday/My project look like science fair, your project look like section 8/Homies hit your session late, your engineer like S-M-H," Chance raps.

At the end of Chance The Rapper's verse, the video vaults into space for a Star Trek-style adventure. This new setting sees Alex Wiley get the girl once again while his spin on the Kanye West classic "Spaceship" acts as the soundtrack.

"Asking where I wanna go, who I wanna be/My life is nothing more than ripping all these beats/And that's the way I want it and I'm tripping off the weed/And that I'm sipping on the lean, tipping, fuck you mean," Alex Wiley raps.

The choice of songs for this new video is interesting considering that Alex Wiley just dropped a mixtape called Tangerine Dreams in June. The Windy City MC also has a new album titled Synthia  Act I: Stoner Symphony due out in the fall.

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