Fans are getting one last teaser before Chance 3 arrives as a new track called "Grown Ass Kid" has leaked. This latest record from Chance The Rapper sees him teaming up with fellow Chicago rappers Mick Jenkins and Alex Wiley. A source tells XXL that this song was going to appear on Chance 3 but got cut due to sample clearance.

The song's vibrant production, provided by Cam O'Bi and Nascent, adds a lot of energy to the track and sets a perfect stage for the three MCs. Mick Jenkins kicks things off before handing it over to Chance The Rapper for some dazzling rhymes.

"Lazy male complaining about how in high school he could but his ACL/AV Club, tell my daddy how you just an uncle from ATL/Better take out that trash/Boy get your big, grown ass home, old ass home/Broke ass drinking up all the milk but can't do no laundry, E-Harmony romance on/Watch your tone folk, talking to grown folk/Yeah, yeah, yeah you better stay chill, you were sounding like Tone Loc/Now watch how I move, different chapters/Decisions, missions, visit pastors/Everybody finally can say it out loud, my favorite rapper a Christian rapper," Chance raps.

If the hype for Chance 3 wasn't already at its peak, "Grown Ass Kid" should only add to the anticipation even though won't appear on the album. The Chicago MC's long awaited project is scheduled to drop tomorrow (May 13).

If all that's enough for you, someone is currently selling a copy of Chance The Rapper's first project on Ebay. That purchase might do some damage to your back account as the 5 Day Suspension tape will cost you $4,000.

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