Rap has emboldened people to embrace their individuality ever since it emerged from the inner city over 40 years ago. Still, no matter how you want to color your hobbies, sometimes they're just not "cool." Longtime TV host Alex Trebek reminded everyone of that reality during a recent airing of Jeopardy! 

During the episode, one spectacled game show contestant underestimated Trebek's snark when she described her love of nerdcore—a rap subgenre where self-identifying nerds talk about video games, science fiction and having a hard time getting a date. As soon as she gave her explanation, Trebek offered his own description for the sort of people that participate in and listen to nerdcore: "losers." Predictably, the Jeopardy! audience burst out in laughter, and the Internet had a field day with the clip. It's now been retweeted almost 11,000 times. Yikes. The poor contestant looked like she was able to laugh it all off, but getting roasted so badly on national TV can't feel too good.

Philly nerdcore rapper MegaRan caught wind of Trebek's unfortunate comments and spit a quick diss track in response. Hear that below.

Nothing about Trebek suggests that he'd have a considerable knowledge about hip-hop, but it's pretty obvious that the last activity the contestant describes—struggling to find romantic partners—isn't exactly the stuff of an A$AP Rocky video. Speaking of A$AP Rocky, he and Questlove both appeared as answers to Jeopardy! game show questions back in June. You can read more about that here.

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