Every once in a while, a hip-hop related question will pop up on Jeopardy!. And, in some of these cases, the answers are nothing short of amazing.

In a recent episode of the classic game show, host Alex Trebek posed, "This 'Big Poppa' rapper was killed on March 9, 1997 as he left a music industry party in Los Angeles." Not only did Sara, the contestant, answer with Tupac (the correct answer is Biggie), but she also butchered Pac's name, saying, "Who is Two-Pack?" You can watch the hilarious clip above via Twitter.

Rap-related questions don't always appear on Jeopardy!, but when they do, it's cause to celebrate.

In case you missed it, a Kanye West question was featured on Jeopardy! this past July. Back in April, Trebek used the clue, “A studio used by acts like OutKast & Future, ‘The Dungeon’ in this southern city started in a suburban basement.” The answer was of course Atlanta, which the contestant correctly guessed. Prior to that, Fetty Wap was an answer on an episode in November 2015.

In fact, the total amount of hip-hop questions on Jeopardy! over the years may surprise you. Beastie Boys, Jay Z, Notorious B.I.G., Dr. Dre, Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, Cypress Hill and a lot more have seen their names on Trebek’s blue screen.

One of the more hilarious rap-related instances was when Trebek roasted a contestant for being a fan of nerdcore hip-hop. As soon as the contestant gave her definition of a nerdcore hip-hop fan, Trebek offered his own description for the sort of people that participate in and listen to nerdcore: “losers.”

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