Seems the Jeopardy! writers were up to something on Wednesday night's (Oct. 26) episode, as longtime host Alex Trebek quoted the lyrics of a fellow Canadian, rapping about Robitussin and Michael Jordan logos. In the category of "Musical Acts," the $200 clue, as seen above, used the lyrics from Drake and Future's "Jumpman," a contestant named George answering correctly, a smile on his face at the deadpan reading Trebek gave the answer.

"I think I left out one 'Jumpman' there," Trebek said afterward.

Hip-hop has been a source of inspiration for the show before, a collection of questions that drew upon hip-hop personalities or history featured in the gallery below. Earlier this month, Trebek roasted one contestant who said she likes "nerdcore hip-hop," explaining the subgenre as one where self-identifying nerds talk about video games, science fiction and the hard time they have getting a date. "Losers, in other words," Trebek says in no time, proving that he is one of the realest ones left.

Back in May, while hosting Saturday Night Live, Drake appeared in a "Black Jeopardy" skit as a dreadlocked Canadian contestant named Jared, meaning that by making the actual game show, Drizzy's Jeopardy! life has come full circle. Now if only the Views rapper can get on an episode of Celebrity Jeopardy! and rap alongside Trebek. Peep the host's "Jumpman" rapping moment in the video above.

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