In anticipation of the 2015 NBA All-Star game in New York City, Adidas unveiled the official on-court apparel that will be worn for the 64th NBA All-Star Game that will take place on Feb. 15.

The uniforms pay tribute to New York City’s basketball history and its boroughs. The clean, timeless design is inspired by classic sports uniforms but adds a refreshing, fashion-forward look that has been well-received by NBA players, media and fans of the game.

With the recent unveiling of the All-Star uniforms, we got a chance to speak with Adidas Director of NBA partnerships David Cho to get the details behind the on-court uniforms, the process and more. -Roger Krastz

How long did the process take to create the 2015 NBA All-Star uniforms? 
The process took anywhere from a year and a half to two years. A lot of it is initial designs, prototypes, feedback, changes, modifications before you get into the final end result. 

What would you say was the most challenging part of making the uniforms?
I wouldn't say challenging, but the way the process is setup currently, and if you look at where we are it wasn't always this way with All-Star. There are three sources of inspiration or three boxes of stories that you can tell out of. The first is NBA and All-Star - red, white and blue, stars, etc. - the second is the whole city, so in this case it was New York City, and the third one is the host team and any history that team may have. In this case, we have two teams with the Knicks and the Nets so all three boxes were entirely full which is not always the case. You have all this rich history and the NBA All-Star game was here in the 50's and came back again in the late 90's. New York City's basketball history you can say is incredible, amazing, and rich, so the boxes were completely full. It wasn't difficult, but you had more stories than you can possibly tell, so the process was which stories do you tell and how do tell it in a way that it still maintains that simple classic timeless look.

How do you feel about the feedback the uniforms have been receiving?
The feedback from the media and the comments from fans on the uniforms have been mostly positive, so that's a great thing! I'm very happy with the outcome.

Can you tell me a little bit about the designs on the 2015 All-Star uniforms?
Running alongside of the jerseys we have the five stars and each star represents a borough from New York. Starting from the top star is Queens and it is represented by the metal grid from the universe structure that was built for the Worlds Fair in 1964. The second one down is Staten Island and the waves signify Staten Island. The third one is for Manhattan and its classic taxi checkered cab look. The fourth one is the Bronx as the birthplace of hip-hop so you have the vinyl record etching, and the last one is bricks or brownstones which represent Brooklyn.


What kind of music are you currently listening to?
That's a tough one, but I've actually gone back to Jazz so I am a huge Jazz aficionado. Charlie Parker for me is one of the most influential musicians of all-time, of any genre and for whatever reason these last couple of months, and I don't know if it has to do with All-Star or not, but I've literally gone back through my collection and pulled out all of this classic Charlie Parker jazz that I haven't listened to in decades for no particular reason, so that's where I am today.

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