Ace Hood isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel here. This past year alone, artists like Lil Wayne and Hurricane Chris have released titles like “Got Money” and “Get Money,” respectively. When time came to select the first single off his debut album, Gutta, due in stores September 23, Ace opted for “Cash Flow,” yet another single celebrating money.

“I just felt like it was relevant at that point and time,” Ace told “That was just my whole thought process. Why not? I feel like it’s gonna be the biggest money street record just cause it’s so catchy and even if you ain’t got somebody’s money you gon come see them regardless.”

Now 20-years old, Ace was only 19 when he recorded most of Gutta’s material. Money aside, Ace’s content leans towards grown man business rather than issues closer to his age bracket. But what makes a teenage artist spit one way or the other?

“I mean depending on how real it is,” Ace explained. “I feel as an artist, you gotta be believable. That’s why they leaning towards me because, I’m giving it to them raw and uncut and I’m young.”

“A lot of the OGs respect me cause they’re like, ‘oh, he’s a young cat, but he’s giving it to you real,” he continued. “It’s real rap. I mean, the other dudes...they do their thing with their music, I just gotta give it to them raw, you feel me?” –Carl Chery