While the recent Presidential Election has some feeling down, there is a beacon of joy on the horizon in the form of Saturday Night Live, Dave Chappelle returning to television to host, with A Tribe Called Quest as musical guest. The pairing was first announced last week, Tribe dropping their first album in more than 18 years today with We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service. Likewise today brings the promotional spot for the SNL episode, Chappelle flanked by Q-Tip and Jarobi White in the video above.

Chappelle famously removed himself from the public eye in 2005, dissatisfied with the direction his program Chappelle's Show was taking in its third season. His ties though, in both comedy and music, have remained strong, the pairing with Tribe a reflection of how those two can intersect particularly with Chappelle involved. Q-Tip appeared on Chappelle's Show, most memorably for the skit Kneehigh Park in which he and Chappelle use puppets to educate children about sexually transmitted diseases.

Chappelle as well had a dazzling list of hip-hop performers on Chappelle's Show, his 2006 concert documentary film Dave Chappelle's Block Party serving as a Fugees reunion. That Chappelle's return to television would coincide with Tribe's return to music then is a happy reminder not only of how their art has transcended, but in the way friendships across genre and medium can make for a truly special moment.

Watch Chappellle's promo above, while below the show gives a behind-the-scenes look at Chappelle's SNL arrival.

Also in Tribe related news, Film Maker Jim Swaffield sat down with Hosts Mark Anthony Green and Matthew Trammell for “Rich Friend: The Elevated Conversation sponsored by Tequila Avión” and discussed his involvement with the legendary group, as well as other hot topics in music & culture. Swaffield gives more insight in directing some of ATCQ's most iconic videos such as "Can I Kick It" and "Check the Rhyme" plus more. Listen below.

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