Kanye West hasn't always been the internationally-known superstar he is today. As a matter of fact, there were times early on when a Kanye track would elicit crickets and boos. Fellow producer 9th Wonder recently took a trip down memory lane on Twitter and recalled some of the rough patches artists like 'Ye and John Legend endured during the early years.

Prompted by a FakeShoreDrive tweet about how far West has come, the North Carolina producer went in on his own memories of the Chi-town beat maker. Recalling a show he performed in 2004, 9th tweeted, "Order of show...Kanye went on 3rd, LB went on 4th.....Ye performed ONE song, 'Through The Wire'.....to crickets....no one clapped, no one cheered.....even the dude running the music and video cut Ye’s backdrop short....Ye lost it."

It didn't take long before people caught on, however, and 'Ye became a household name. Then it was his artist, John Legend's turn to get his feet in the fire. 9th recalled a show where the singer opened up for the Roc-A-Fella rapper and was treated to the same warming greeting.

"So....@johnlegend performed anyway through the Kanye chants and the boos," 9th wrote. "If I learned anything from the whole Kanye and @johnlegend experience...is that to this day...that chip on his shoulder is real. Outside of the tastemakers, people don’t listen to music. They watch, and they need qualifiers."

The moral of the story is, never give up on your dreams. "I saw Kanye and @johnlegend perform 'Through The Wire' and 'Ordinary People' and get booed," 9th added. "People have no clue, fam."

See 9th Wonder's tweets about seeing Kanye West get booed below. Check out the entire thread here.

See 9th Wonder Tweet About the Time Kanye West Got Booed While Performing "Through the Wire"

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