Houston rapper and 808 Mafia member Nephew Texas Boy drops his new mixtape, The Pack Landed at 8:08. Southside and TM88 of 808 Mafia are the executive producers for the tape, which features guest appearances from Mojo, Waka Flocka and Stalley.

Nephy 3X reps Houston's famous Trinity Garden's neighborhood and has been dropping heat since 2004, when the rapper was a newcomer to ATL and recorded "Icy" with Gucci Mane and Zaytoven. Nephew talked to Mass Appeal about the project and where the title came from.

"Basically it’s like this: I was sitting with myself one day and I was rolling me a blunt and I realized I’d ran out of weed," he said. "So I called the weed man. And the weed man pulled up at 8:08. Coincidentally I’m an 808 Mafia member. So I said “You know what? The pack landed at 8:08.” That’s how we gon’ hit it. The package is gonna deliver at everybody front door."

Check out tracklist for The Pack Landed at 8:08 below.

The Pack Landed at 8:08 Tracklist

01. "Packed Landed @ 808"
02. "Brazy Brazy"
03. "Doggish" Feat. Waka Flaka and Stalley
04. "Nephew Texasboy Shawdy Don't Worry"
05. "If I Want Too"
06. "Dope Boi Thang" Feat. Mojo
07. "Relapse"
08. "Coolin..."

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