Trouble seems to follow 6ix9ine like a shadow. Hours after avoiding prison time and being sentenced to probation stemming from possible violations from his 2015 sexual misconduct case, the rapper found himself in another dicey situation when a member of his crew was shot outside of a New York City restaurant. Now more details about the incident are coming to light that claim someone in the Brooklyn rapper's entourage tossed a chair leading to the melee.

As previously reported, the incident went down at Philippe Chow restaurant on Madison Avenue and E. 59th Street. The "Gummo" rapper and his crew were there to meet with 10K Projects exec Elliot Grainge to talk business. An argument ensued after Tekashi's entourage were told they would not be able to enter. The rapper is said to have then left.

That's when things got very tense. According to a TMZ report on Sunday (Oct. 28), some members of the rapper's crew stayed back and started a ruckus, demanding to be let inside and threatening bodily harm to Grainge's security, retired NYPD detective Efrain Vasquez and Maurice Fernandez, who had stepped up to quell the situation. According to witnesses, a 6ix9ine crew member nicknamed Shottie then threw a chair that struck Vasquez. As a result, Vasquez reportedly upped his firearm and shot one of 6ix's guys in the stomach. Two members of Tekashi's entourage were later arrested for their involvement in the disturbance.

Lance Lazzaro, the criminal defense attorney for the rapper tells the celebrity gossip site, "It is my understanding that Tekashi was not present when the incident occurred. Shottie has no involvement with any criminal act. The two other men were victims of an assault. The charges will be completely dismissed at some point against them both."

XXL has reached out to the NYPD for a comment on the situation but have not gotten a response as of press time.

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