6ix9ine has fueled the fire of his beef with YG once again with another social media post. After calling out YG's street credibility and claiming he doesn't have love for his associate Slim 400, the "Fefe" rapper jumped onto Instagram yesterday (Nov. 6) to make fun of the Compton rapper after his Uber driver veered off-road and crashed into someone's front yard in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley.

In a now-deleted IG post, Tekashi included a photo from the scene of the accident. An image of YG was posted right next to it. The SUV is pictured on the front yard behind a tree and shows the minimal damage of the vehicle. In lieu of wishing for everyone's safety, 6ix9ine simply wrote, "Who gave this man the wrong address LOL."

The post came hours after 6ix9ine spoke up about why his recent argument with YG's affiliate Slim 400 escalated over the weekend. “I’m getting money," 6ix9ine told TMZ. "Yo, he’s dirty. You know he has no money, right? Name one Slim 400 record right now, name one. You can’t name one Slim 400 record.”

“Get some money, you broke,” 6ix9ine continued. “If YG really had love for you, you wouldn’t be in the hood right now. If YG was really your friend, you wouldn’t be in the hood right now.”

In other 6ix9ine news, the "Gummo" rapper apparently has a new project coming out soon. He said it was supposed to drop "this month" on the last day of October, but obviously nothing has surfaced yet.

See the caption for 6ix9ine's YG-trolling IG post for yourself below.

Instagram via 6ix9ine

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