Things almost turned ugly for 6ix9ine during a recent show in Russia when someone ran on stage while he was performing and tried to attack the rapper.

In footage from the incident, the person can be seen landing a hit on 6ix9ine and knocking him down. But it appears the punch wasn't strong enough, as the "Fefe" rapper was able to hop back on his feet and began attacking the man with his security team. After 6ix9ine got a few punches in, his team dragged the man to the side of the stage, where they began to brutally beat him, kicking him while he laid on the ground.

After the video of the incident leaked online, 6ix9ine hopped on Instagram to give his side of the story and recalled a similar incident that happened to XXXTentacion. "The kid tried to run on stage," 6ix9ine says. "You remember the video when a nigga ran on stage while X was performing and tried to knock him out? Well, the nigga tried to do some bozo shit like that and he got packed out."

With a sentencing trial for his sexual misconduct case scheduled for October, 6ix9ine attempts to justify his response to the attack, saying, "I don't want people thinking we're just out here beating people up. The kid tried to play stupid."

Earlier this month, it was discovered that the "Gummo" artist had submitted a letter to the judge on his case, arguing that he should receive four years of probation and attendance in a youthful offenders program instead of jail time.

Check out footage of the attack below, as well as 6ix9ine's response.

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