A recent stop at the strip club almost turned ugly for 6ix9ine when someone in the crowd threw a glass cup in his direction, which hit the woman standing next to him.

According to May 30 report from TMZ, the "Gummo" rapper was at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Los Angeles on Monday night (May 28), when the incident occurred. Footage from club shows 6ix9ine hurling money into the crowd. After he threw the cash, someone  launched the glass which hit the woman next to 6ix9ine in her chest.

The woman threw the glass back into the crowd, before 6ix9ine was quickly restrained by security. The "Tati" rapper could be seen pointing and mouthing off at someone and continued to throw money into the crowd as he was escorted out of the club. While neither 6ix9ine or the woman with him appeared to be hurt, one clubgoer says she was hit with a piece of glass and received a cut above her eye.

6ix9ine has run into a number of problems lately. After being arrested for driving without a license in Brooklyn, the rapper was also charged with assaulting a police officer. TMZ reports the assault occurred at the police station where the rapper was going to be given a desk appearance ticket.

But according to the New York rapper, he was the one assaulted by police. In a video posted on Instagram, 6ix9ine told his followers, "All them stories—niggas did not touch no fucking police man. Them niggas is fucking corrupt, them niggas beat the shit out of me. Know what I'm saying? That's regular shit. That's regular shit that happen in Brooklyn every single day bro, corrupt ass cops."

Check out footage of the strip club incident below.

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