6ix9ine’s former manager, Kifano “Shotti” Jordan, is headed to prison for more than a decade.

Speaking to XXL on Friday (Sept. 6), the New York Southern District court clerks confirmed that Shotti was sentenced to 15 years in prison for two firearms charges during a hearing at the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse in New York today. The first count, which he was sentenced to five years for, is assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering. The second is for use of a firearm during a crime of violence. For that charge, he's been sentenced to another 10 years. The sentences will run consecutively.

This sentencing arrives six months after Shotti pleaded guilty to one count of firearm possession during a crime and one count of firearm discharge during a crime back in March. Before that, 6ix9ine agreed to cooperate with federal authorities and pleaded guilty to nine federal charges in January. As a result, the rapper would not go to trial as part of his plea agreement.

On Sept. 9, Tekashi is expected to testify in the trial of Aljermiah "Nuke" Mack and Anthony "Harv" Ellison, two other Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods arrested in his federal racketeering case. Both have been indicted for firearms and racketeering charges, and prosecutors believe Ellison is the man who kidnapped and robbed Tekashi last July.

This past Wednesday (Sept. 4), U.S. District Judge Paul Engelmeyer ruled that the jury in the Mack and Ellison case would not hear about 6ix9ine's prior conviction for use of a child less than 17 years of age in a sexual performance. The conviction stems from a February 2015 incident in which 6ix9ine, who was 18 years old at the time, groped a 13-year-old girl on camera while she performed sex acts on two other men.

Judge Engelmeyer agreed with prosecutors' belief that hearing details of that case would taint the perception of Tekashi in what they believe is an unrelated matter.

While the trial for Mack and Ellison was expected to begin next week, New York City-based attorney Mohammed Gangat, who breaks down high-profile cases on his popular Instagram account, says the trial has been postponed.


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