6ix9ine has more words for Lil Durk on the day of his TattleTales album release.

On early Friday morning (Sept. 4), 6ix9ine, fresh off dropping his TattleTales LP, jumped on to Instagram Live to engage with his fans and troll the Chicago rapper, who may or may not have delivered a thinly veiled shot at 6ix9ine during his feature verse on Drake's new song "Laugh Now Cry Later."

During part of the IG live session, 6ix9ine kneels down with another man and appears to vibe out as he blasts Lil Durk's new song "The Voice." A few moments later, he raises the camera up to his face and disses Durk. "Fuck Durk," he yells on camera.

A few seconds later, 6ix9ine asks another man to diss Durk as well, and the man obliges. "Fuck Durk," the man yells.

Around the same time that Tekashi popped out for an IG Live session, he also posted an Instagram story poking fun at Durk for not dropping an LP on the same day as him. In the story, 6ix9ine includes a screenshot of an IG story that said Durk wasn't dropping a new album that day. The overlaid text provides the message.

"Remember this goofy said he want all the smoke," 6ix9ine wrote in one part of the story. "Leave the smoke to Nudki #Nuski Pack."

The last sentence is a reference to OTF Nunu (Nuski), a Durk affiliate who was killed in Chicago back in 2014.

It should be noted that Durk never said that he'd drop an album today. While he'd been promoting "The Voice," it was never clear that he was dropping a new project. In a recent interview on Young M.A's Me Always Radio, Durk revealed that his new project would be dropping in October.

While 6ix9ine has shown no signs that he will stop his trolling ways, Lil Durk has made it clear that he won't respond to the rapper. Last week, he claimed that the rapper's label reps tried to pay to him to troll 6ix9ine.

"That bitch-ass nigga label call me," Durk said. "Somebody from his camp. I ain't gonna say his label. Somebody from his camp called somebody from my camp talkin' ’bout they'll give me $3 million to keep trolling with this nigga."

You can check out Lil Durk's new song "The Voice" for yourself below.

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