The Vic Mensa and 6ix9ine beef seemed to pop up out of nowhere and appears to be over before it really ever fully started. But it won't be deaded without some swift jabs from the Brooklyn rapper who talked about the issue during an interview with Angie Martinez on Power 105, on Friday (July 27).

As previously reported, Vic went off on Tekaski on Wednesday (July 25), threatening to put grown man hands on the "Gummo" artist for his disrespect of Chicago rappers and culture. "See me and these fucking hands. No security. We seen you driving around Chicago with eight police. Shoot the one-on-one," Mensa snapped on social media. "See what happen to you, boy. I'll turn your motherfuckin' face the color of your hair."

By Thursday (July 26), Vic had changed his tune, reporting on Instagram. "Honestly, fuck all that beef shit. I'm all about positivity, peace and the music over everything," he said before teasing his new record "Metaphysical."

On Friday, 6ix appeared on Power 105's The Angie Martinez Show to talk about his recent robbery and his latest in a string off issues with rappers

"I don't even know who that kid is," the "FeFe" rhymer responded to Angie's questioning him about the Vic issue. "I put this on everything I love, may God strike me down, on my daughter's life. I cannot name one song if someone had a gun to my head right now. Who is he?"

He added, "Is he even respected? Who knows him? Does he have a Billboard hit? So why are you beefing with me?"

6ix continued to question Vic's relevance by asking everyone in the studio to name a song by the Windy City MC. They could not. "I see he's dropping a song on Friday and this kid trying to be mad sexy now," he said referring to Vic's "Metaphysical" announcement. "It's like nigga, what? Get the fuck outta here."

Check out the back and forth between Vic and Tekashi below.

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