6ix9ine knocks one all the way to left field. Today (April 11), one day after the unveiling of his surprisingly melodic new banger, "Gotti," the rainbow-haired Brooklyn rapper unloads a very trippy preview for the song's music video.

In a clip posted to his Instagram account, we see 6ix9ine posted up in a pool as an extremely scenic sunset plays the background and he stares serenely into the camera lens. From there, "Gotti's" soft instrumental kicks in, and the form of 6ix9ine's new visual begins to take shape.

By that aforementioned point, the visual for "Gotti" had already proven to be vastly different from any of 6ix9ine's previous videos. That's when things get even crazier, and we see 6ix9ine standing on water as he stares up at a rainbow as if it's a full moon. A second later, we see his 69 pendant spinning.

The next moment, we see that 6ix9ine has transformed into a woman, complete with his signature 69 tattoo.

It appears that 6ix9ine's face was super-imposed onto another woman's face for the stunt. It's unclear why 6ix9ine decided to go with this idea, but it's definitely intriguing, and the shock-value is through the roof.

In the caption for the video, Cole Bennett and TrifeDrew are listed as being the folks behind the new visual. It also says that if the preview gets 100,000 comments, the "Gotti" visual will be released. Within two hours, it's already gotten over 77,000.

Interestingly, the caption for this video, and the video itself, purports to have been captioned by someone other than 6ix9ine. That bit coincides with rumors that the rapper has been incarcerated, which have yet to be confirmed.

Watch the preview for 6ix9ine's "Gotti" video below.

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