As we previously reported, 6ix9ine’s former manager, Kifano "Shotti" Jordan, pled guilty to two federal weapons charges in New York on Thursday (March 28). Prior to entering his plea, Shotti talked to 6ix9ine’s former DJ Pvnch from jail to explain his situation, and during the conversation, he had some harsh words for Tekashi, who cooperated with federal authorities to tell them the misdeeds of Nine Trey members when he accepted a plea deal in January.

In a video that was posted on the ThatHometeam’s YouTube channel, Punch talked with Shotti on Wednesday (March 27), about court and 6ix9ine, who pled guilty to firearms and federal racketeering charges in January.

"He broke every code...he's an ungrateful rat bastard," Shotti said. "But I forgive the little nigga after all that. It's all good."

Elsewhere in the video, Shotti, who reportedly is a member of Brooklyn's Nine Trey Blood Gangsta Bloods gang (aka “Tre yway”), told Pvnch to continue to keep the Treyway name alive and to tell people the group is not going anywhere. He then had more harsh words for Tekashi.

"Rat9ine or Snitch9ine or whatever that nigga wants to call himself nowadays. He did what he did," Shotti said. "Treyway still stands strong. I want that to be known."

"He told for no reason," he added. "He fucked up his name for no reason."

After pleading guilty to two federal weapons charges, Shotti faces a mandatory minimum five-year federal prison sentence and a maximum of life in prison. The second count has a 10-year minimum prison sentence and it also includes a maximum of life in prison.

"This shit right here don't break nigga like us...this shit is only going to make me better," Shotti said of his impending prison sentence. "I'm going to come home, still strong, body fit, mind even better and on my A game, that's the only catch."

You can listen to Shotti talk about copping a plea deal and 6ix9ine cooperating with the feds below.

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