6ix9ine continues to vocalize his beef with YG in the wake of his heated run-in with YG’s affiliate Slim 400 this past Sunday.

Earlier today (Nov. 6), just two days after his confrontation with Slim 400, Tekashi chopped it up with TMZ to offer more insight into the situation.

When asked about what happened during ComplexCon, 6ix9ine had plenty of words for Slim 400, including why he feels YG doesn’t really have love for him.

“Just some dirty ass blood members that don’t have no money to feed their daughters, no money to feed their sons. Running around in pampers, dirty pampers, hungry, gang banging, you know what I’m saying,” he explained, answering why he feels the argument with Slim 400 escalated the way it did. “I’m getting money. Yo, he’s dirty. You know he has no money, right? Name one Slim 400 record right now, name one. You can’t name one Slim 400 record.”

He then continues with a word of advice for Slim. “Get some money, you broke,” 6ix9ine says. “If YG really had love for you, you wouldn’t be in the hood right now. If YG was really your friend, you wouldn’t be in the hood right now.”

The rapper then concluded he’s dedicated to honoring the terms of his probation, citing his legal trouble as the explanation as to why he didn’t fight Slim 400 and instead chose to walk away.

6ix9ine’s beef with YG dates back to earlier this year, with the pair trading shots at one another online. Clearly, the bad blood between them still runs deep, with this latest incident as further proof.

Watch 6ix9ine offering his latest comments on the situation with YG and his affiliate Slim 400 in the clip below.

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