On Wednesday (Feb. 21), 6ix9ine and his crew got into a massive fight at the Los Angeles International Airport, which eventually boiled over onto the streets. While the cause of the brawl was originally unknown, it's now being reported that it had to do with two women.

According to TMZ, the melee started after the "Gummo" rapper's crew were disrespectful to women being dropped off at the airport. Rapper Acie High, who sports a red jersey in the video, says he and his partner Priceless where dropping two women off when 6ix9ine's crew surrounded his car and started hitting on them.

Acie says he and Priceless told the guys to stop, but when they wouldn't, things exploded. "We was just ignoring the guys at first," the rapper said. "And then he was like, 'Yeah, you better get back in the car...' And then it kind of escalated and then rainbow man came outside running."

Acie claims 6ix9ine has had a long history of verbal abuse toward women and he had thought a time would come when he would catch 6ix9ine in the streets. "I think that it was just time," Acie said. "It was just time. They was talking shit. Where we come from, we from Texas, we don't do no shooting."

6ix9ine is currently gearing up for the release of his debut project which is set to drop on Feb. 23. Earlier this month, the rapper shared a snippet of a new song that may feature Cuban Doll.

Check out Acie's interview with TMZ below.

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