600 Breezy is back out in the free world. Over a year after turning himself in to face a possible 10-year sentence for a probation violation, the Chicago rapper has been released after doing 16 months.

On Wednesday (Dec. 12), Breezy was discharged from Iowa Department of Corrections custody. He celebrated his arrival home on Instagram Live.

"This shit real, nigga. They thought I wasn't coming back," an ecstatic Breezy says into the camera. "They though a nigga had 10 years. They though it was mufuckin' over wit...Yeah, I'm back, nigga. They though it was over. Who got ten years, nigga? Fuck they talkin' 'bout. They thought I had 10 years, nigga. That's crazy."

Breezy, born Antonio Valentino King, was sentenced to 10 years prison time in June 2017 after a judge ruled he had violated his probation stemming from a 2012 drug charge in Waterloo, Iowa. Breezy's lawyer Tina Muhammad may have been his saving grace. In February 2018, she filed a motion to the courts to have his sentence altered.

“King is a contributing member of society as he is gainfully employed as a successful entertainer with a record deal and royalties,” Muhammad wrote in her motion. “King has been writing music and working while incarcerated and can instantly become a benefit to society and his family upon release.”

Breezy was also confident at the time that he would not serve a decade saying he would be held for "a year or less." It looks like the motion finally worked. To celebrate his release, Breezy dropped the new project First Forty-8 on Friday (Dec. 14).

Check out 600 Breezy celebrating his freedom below and peep the First Forty-8 tape as well.

Iowa Department of Corrections
Iowa Department of Corrections

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