50 Cent has an official name for his next studio album—Five (Murder by Numbers).

During an interview with Hot 107.9 Philly on Wednesday (June 13), 50 disclosed the new title of his next LP.

“@50cent has a new album dropping July 3rd called Five (Murder by Numbers). Make sure you go and get that,” tweeted the Philadelphia radio station. G-Unit then confirmed the album title with XXLMag.com.

Today’s announcement comes after ’Fif told fans that his album would be coming out on July 3rd, whether Interscope backs him up or not in late May.

“I’m focused on my music watch how things shift july 3 album #5 is coming out with or with out INTERSCOPE.#SK,” 50 tweeted out to his legions of fans last month.

Moments later, he clarified that he has no bad blood with Interscope, but he doesn’t want to make his fans keep waiting.

“I have no beef with INTERSCOPE i love making music but I’m tired waiting,” he tweeted. “I’m releasing #5 july3 funny the 4th is independence day :o)

“#5 the album comes out 7.3.12 just in time for the cook outs and partying that go’s on,on the 4th my birthdays is the 6 I’m celebrating,” he added.

Last June, around this time, 50 blasted his label for what he felt like was a lack of support.

“Ok I tried to be cool with my record company,” he wrote in a string of tweets last June. “I went to the meeting [and] talk[ed] to everyone and shit feels like [they're] moving in slow motion. I’m sorry to announce I will not be releasing a new album this year if we don’t get on the same page.”—Jakinder Singh