50 Cent recently penned an open letter to his younger self for The Big Issue. In the piece, the rap mogul shares some of the life lessons he wish he knew when he was coming up.

"If I could talk to my teenage self, I’d tell him to focus on music with a stronger intensity," wrote Fif. "He could still have this career without going through all the things I went through," he added. The G-Unit leader also talked about wishing he made the most of certain relationships. Whether it was a lover, family member or even business related, 50 said that he wished he "capitalized" on certain relationships he had, relating this to a sense of clarity he felt after experiencing the loss of his grandmother.

"If I could go back to any time, I’d go back to when the sales figure for the first week of Get Rich or Die Tryin’ came out," he said. He reminisced about sitting at the back of the tour bus when this happened, being overwhelmed by excitement. This made the business magnate feel like he didn't have to wait for someone else to say things were okay because he could say it for himself. Fif goes on to say that he knew the feeling would not last because "everything was about to change."

Before getting into the life lessons, Fif also talks about losing his mother, being raised by his grandmother, how hip-hop culture has changed, Eminem and much more. Read the full letter here.