50 Cent's family drama was somewhat aired out Thursday night (Feb. 25) when the rapper, his estranged son and his ex exchanged comments via Instagram. Back in early 2014, it was reported that 50's son with Shaniqua Tompkins was feeling replaced by his younger sibling and that his father, after two years of not visiting, had forgotten him. Later that year, Tompkins reportedly banned 50 from attending Marquise's graduation perhaps because he had allegedly sent his son texts reading "Fuck you stop texting me” and “I don’t have a son anymore.”

With all that considered, it's understandable that a seemingly mild comment by 50 on his son's Instagram post would be received with less than open arms. "You will be 20 in a few months I’m happy to see you in good spirits. You be strong out there on your own boy. You are a grown man now," the rapper wrote in response to a video of Marquise showing off a pair of sneakers. "@50cent didn’t think you knew how old I was u missed a few birthdays. I’m happy to see you have kind words to say to me this time," was his response to his frequently absent father. 

Jumping into the fray, Tompkins had some words of her own for 50, writing, "You’re down fall is already here! @50cent Miserable, unstable, bum ass nigga! You’re so miserable! Go pick on them boys who put that hot ld in your ass! Oh! I forgot you like to pick on women and children. Them boys in Brooklyn did you dirrty!! Go beat up your other baby mother, oh you did that already and you’re on 3 years probation. Go make sure son’s motor skills are correct. Can he talk??? Get out of here!"

50's relationship with Marquise, who has gained some notoriety on his own for his skills on the basketball court, seems strained at best, with Tompkins obviously harboring feelings of malcontent toward the rapper. While 50's initial words don't exactly carry the fatherly wisdom and affection Marquise may have been missing, it is perhaps a sign that 50 will make a larger effort to mend things with his son. The IG comments have captured courtesy of Baller Alert above.

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