50 Cent's 2000 shooting incident is cemented in hip-hop lore. On April 24 of that year, the then little known rapper was ambushed while sitting in a car in front of his grandmother's Queens home and shot nine times. He was hit in his hand, arm, hip, both legs, chest and left cheek. Needless to say, he miraculously survived. But he still holds some souvenirs from the infamous incident. Including a bullet fragment in his tongue that he claims is good for cunnilingus. Yea, he went there.

Fif recently appeared on The Graham Norton Show where he showed the video for his single "9 Shots". When asked about the premise of the video, Jackson rehashed the fateful night. "I got hit in the face," said 50. "So the fragment portion of it is in my tongue. It kinda changed the way I speak a little bit."

Then he listed an attribute to his injury. "Yeah, it's great for oral sex. I'm a better man now, trust me."

That's when things got even weirder. "Let's have a feel 50," writer Julie Walters then hilariously asked. Having already put his foot in his mouth, Fif had no choice but let her finger bang his tasting mechanism to the delight of the crowd. Ewwwwww!

While Curtis was all smiles here. He was pissed earlier today. He and Rick Ross traded shots on social media yesterday and today. Ross took some jabs at the Queens mogul's son, which Jackson didn't take too kindly to.

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