Back in January, 50 Cent teased a new emotional song with PnB Rock, which featured him rapping through some darker memories. Today, fans are getting the full CDQ version of the record, which is titled "Crazy," that features the veteran rapper tapping into some heavy subjects.

Tackling his depression on the first verse, Fifty raps about his suicidal thoughts, his cousin's murder-suicide and much more powerful material.

"I woke up this morning, really wasn't feeling myself/Thought about suicide, but me, I ain't killin myself," Fifty rhymes. "My cousin Corey shot his girlfriend, then shot himself in the head/Before I shoot myself, I'm shootin' everyone else kid/My head achin', my hands shakin' Im sweating bullets/And it ain't even hot in this bitch Im going through it."

Meanwhile, the 2017 XXL Freshman comes in to support Fifty on the hook, delivering some cold vocals about his up-and-down emotions.

"It feels like I'm going crazy/Nothing can save me," PnB Rock sings. "I'm always gon' through the haze/I can't stop staring out my window."

If you recall, one of the original previews that the "Still Think I'm Nothing" rapper released for fans featured Fifty revealing that he doesn't speak to Lloyd Banks anymore, despite their longtime friendship and work together. On the full record, the lyrics that shocked fans can be found in the second verse.

"Called my son twice, he ain't picking up the phone/And Banks, me and him don't even talk no more/You know 'cause of me, he ain't never have to sell crack/Never used no knife, or had to squeeze no strap," 50 raps.

There's no telling where "Crazy" may end up, but fans are hoping it will appear on Fifty's forthcoming Street King Immortal album that he has been teasing for years or his long-awaited KANAN: Reloaded mixtape.

Take a listen to 50 Cent and PnB Rock's new song "Crazy" below.

G-Unit Records/Atlantic Records
G-Unit Records/Atlantic Records

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