After linking up for the visual to the rapper's "I'm the Man (Remix)", 50 Cent and Chris Brown are back at it again in the clip for their latest collabo, “No Romeo No Juliet.”

Fif and Breezy head to the strip club in this clip, but the ladies aren't the main attraction here. The rapper has more important things to worry about, like pimpin'. "He think he fuckin' my bitch, nigga that bitch for rent/He know how to treat a hoe, I mean all that money spent/She says you a sweetheart, a sweetheart/Things tend to go a little different 'round here, we pimpin' nigga," 50 delivers.

As one fine female shows off her skills on the violin, many more exotic dancers hit the pole to flex while another tries to gain the G-Unit head honcho's attention -- but he's not having it. Even CB has his eyes set on some other business that doesn't involve lap dances. "Higher than a ceiling fan, I'm whippin' bricks in the kitchen/I'm flying shit out the window like I was Peter Pan/I handle my own shit, I own shit/Alone shit, middle finger to the middle man," he spits.

And at the end of Fif and Breezy's neon-colored visual, the Queens rapper previews yet another new video featuring Post Malone, "Tryna Fuck Me Over." 50 and Post are in somewhere in Manhattan in a truck as they give each other a recap of their nights. But when 5-0 knocks on Post's driver side window, 50 is quick to jump out the car and hit the pavement.

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