When it comes to ruthless memes, 50 Cent knows no chill. It's only been a week since 50 went at Vivica A. Fox on Instagram over insinuations she made with regards to his sexuality, and now, he's going at Rouda Rousey for what seems like no particular reason at all. Because he can.

When UFC fighter Ronda Rousey lost the fist fight of her career Saturday night, most of the hip-hop world shared in the shock, but Fif is basking in it. Perhaps it's because Rousey has repeatedly called out 50's on-again-off-again buddy Floyd Mayweather for his history of domestic violence. In three Instagram posts, 50 turns Rousey's loss into a punchline, captioning one photo with "LMAO FLOYD TOLD ME TO POST THIS 😆, he want me to do the dirty work.😂"

Whether or not Floyd is pulling the strings here, 50 is making a habit of ridiculing women online. He had last taken to Instagram late last week to call Vivica A. Fox crazy. 50's next project, The Kanan Tape, is expected to drop soon.