Earlier this week (Sept. 19), Jim Jones put out a challenge to 50 Cent, posting a video to Instagram of himself in the weight room, asking where Fif was at. “Looking for @50cent my man @eddie_bauer_pusher said u said 3weeks I know u got Th best trainers in Th universe I heard well Th trainer can get this work too @mikerashid,” Jones wrote in the video’s caption.

At an event honoring Martin Scorsese and others, hosted by the Friars Club in New York City Wednesday night (Sept. 21), 50 acknowledged Jim's video, keeping confidence in himself and his iron clad fitness reputation. "Yeah he don’t want none of this," 50 said. "They do that all the time until they start getting light headed. They can’t breathe and they throwing up they lunch."

The back-and-forth seems to be friendly, both rappers flexing their competitive spirits. How they would settle the matter, whether it be a bench press competition or something else altogether, isn't quite clear, but is also probably besides the point. Whereas 50 has been known to start and prolong beef, using Instagram as a platform for memes and jokes, it is somewhat refreshing to see the two rappers engage in friendly competition.

Catch Jim's initial call-out below, with 50 eager to set the record straight as to who carries the most weight in and out of the gym. That 50 delivered the comments looking dapper in a tuxedo only makes the story better.

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