When he burst onto the national scene in the second half of 2002, 50 Cent seemed poised to be the biggest star in the world. And he was, briefly: his 2003 debut, Get Rich Or Die Tryin', was wildly successful, as was his group album, G-Unit's Beg For Mercy, and his own follow-up, The Massacre. Since then, he's stayed at or near the forefront of pop culture, but not quite in the way most expected. The Queens-bred rapper has become an all-purpose entertainer and entrepreneur, with his hand in music hardware, sports drinks, fashion and any number of other ventures. Most recently, he partnered with Starz to produce the television drama Power. Now, he's combining his on-camera and behind-the-scenes skill sets for a new comedy project.

According to Deadline, 50 is teaming with the producer Will Packer to bring a single-camera comedy to Fox. Called My Friend 50, the show would feature the rapper in a recurring role as a fictionalized version of himself. The series currently has a script order, and is said to follow a female lead described as "an unstable twentysomething who believes that joining 50 Cent’s entourage is the answer to all her problems." My Friend 50 is supposedly formatted as a documentary that the principal character commissions, which presumably is a play on the mockumentary model that proved successful in the 2000s.