Over the last several months, 50 Cent has intermittently appeared in social media videos with Brooklyn's 6ix9ine, a rapper with a trolling streak that rivals his own. In their latest bit of Instagram antics, Fif gives Tekashi a diamond-encrusted inhaler. 6ix9ine's flossy new gift appears in a video both rappers uploaded yesterday (Oct. 14).

In the video, 50 and 6ix9ine play the role of father and son respectively. In the minute-long clip, which plays out like a skit, Tekashi sits at a table with Fif. Stacks of money are also present at the table.

Over the course of about 30 seconds, 6ix9ine pretends to be a student who's struggling with P.E. because of their asthma. Tekashi obviously isn't in school, but he does apparently have asthma.

"I'm the fastest kid in the world, but the asthma is kicking in," 6ix9ine says, responding to Papa 50's question about how well he was doing in gym class. If you recall, it was just this past summer that 50 (jokingly) claimed he had evidence that 6ix9ine was his son.

Speaking on the new gift, 6ix9ine uses the caption for his Instagram video post to thank Fif for his new inhaler. In the post, 6ix9ine writes, "FASTEST KID ALIVE = ASTHMA NEW JEWELRY @jimmyxboi 💞💞💕 @50cent thank you for the new piece pops 👿."

Tekashi's new inhaler was designed by celebrity jeweler JimmyBoi, and while the exact specifications of the piece aren't yet available, it does look pretty icy.

Peep Tekashi's new neckwear for yourself below. Listen to his new song "Stoopid" when you're done.

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