When 50 Cent hops on the mic, you never know what's going to come out of his mouth. Whether he's spitting a hot 16 or taking aim at one of his rivals, his words are always compelling and usually funny. And when he got on the mic during DJ Drama's NYC album release party for Quality Street Music 2 recently (June 14), fans got an ear full of punchlines with Fif's fellow music mogul rival Diddy being the butt of the joke.

After acting as Drama's hype man for a few minutes, the Queens rapper turned the conversation to how he himself still has the rap game on lock after all these years.

"I got this shit right where I want it 'cuz Puffy old as a motherfucka," said Fif. But that's not all. "That motherfucka like 47? He's getting that botox shit in his face. I just went to the place to get the facials. They said, 'You want the thing like him?' I said, 'No what the fuck? I want you to see my facial expressions. I act and shit. Puff don't act. That's why his forehead don't move."

Drama, who has a mixtape with 50 in the works, can be seen laughing along with the joke in the background.

Talk about taking shots. Fif, 40, and Puffy, 46, have been longtime rivals in the music world. 50 often roasts Diddy during interviews, saying he's not a real artist and even clowning Diddy for his arrest last year. When it comes to alcohol, record sales and labels, the two rappers and business men have been competitors in the business world for years. And for 50, shit talking is just a part of the game. Check out 50's latest troll session in the video above.

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