This is getting real ugly real fast. After Vivica A. Fox appeared on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live and insinuated that ex 50 Cent has some sexuality issues to overcome, it's been a hellstorm all Instagram as the two exchange insults. Meme's aside, the two went at it in the comments section of a video that the Shade Room reposted showing Vivica on the Meredith show saying she cares cared for him.

Fox commented on the original video posted to 50's page saying, "Lol!! I see you back at it again Ninja! U still hurt boo boo?? Well that was from then n this is from now trick!! Trying to so more #EmpireSeason2 Joy?? SMDH! U suck ;(" 50 has since taken down the video, but not before The Shade Room could repost it, keeping this beef burning through the night.

"Funny!" Vivica then posted, "He would put this up on the night that he thinks I'm going to be on Empire! Big dummy I'm going to be on there November 18th and 25th, so try next week trick! Smdh"

Of course, it couldn't just be left at that, with 50 jumping in to the fray. "Ok who said I was gonna stop you fucking nut. This going on till your dumb ass off the show crack head." And, "This BITCH really crazy, Lol."

Could this all be over ratings? With Vivica dropping the dates of her Empire appearance, it makes it a realistic possibility. 50 though, has zero chill in matters of the internet beef, so this could continue to drag on throughout the week.