A letter written by 2Pac when he was in jail is being auctioned off. The letter is currently being auctioned for $225,000 through a site called Moments in Time. The letter was penned in 1995 by 'Pac himself while serving time in prison for a sexual assault charge. The correspondence was between 2Pac and Death Row employee and Death Row Uncut magazine editor Nina Bhadreshwar. "He enclosed a five-page essay on his view of the rite of passage of a young black male in America. And that was the beginning of our real correspondence," said Bhadreshwar in a statement. In the message, the late rapper discusses his desire to leave the "Thug Life" lifestyle behind and move on to greater things as a "boss playa."

"A boss playa is a thinker, a leader, a builder, a moneymaker, a souljah, a teacher and most of all a man!," wrote 'Pac. "I want all my homiez [to] realize there is another level, it takes heart and courage [to] stand alone, face the demons and make a change!" He adds as he explains his elevation from a "thug life" OG to a man. Tupac Shakur goes on to warn other men of getting caught up in the lifestyle, saying that not everything that glitters is gold, "It ain't all good my people. Beware! Hopefully this will do some of [you] some good. If it does, then I don't sit in jail in vain." Before wrapping up the 4-page letter, Tupac then poses a challenge to every man who identifies with the culture. "I challenge all the souljahs of this nation [to] examine and evaluate your lives," Shakur wrote. "Are [you] ready for the next level?" Read the letter in full below.

Newly found handwritten letters from the late rapper we discovered in February. In it, Tupac revealed plans to unify the East and West Coast.