Update (Jan. 8, 7:15 p.m. EST):

21 doesn't seem to care much for the troll's challenge:

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22 Savage is willing to change his name, but only if 21 Savage can knock him out. 22 Savage is angling for a fight with his doppelganger in a blatant attempt to capitalize off the boxing match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy.

"Who wanna see 21 get knocked out by BIG 22," he wrote on Twitter. "If he win I'll change my name."

Baton Rouge's MacArthur Johnson, who first made a name for himself on the Vine app, confused many last year when he took on the moniker of 22 Savage. A similar look and style turned 22 Savage from a parody into a carbon copy of 21 Savage.

“I just felt like jacking him,” 22 said in an interview. “I’m really a savage out here. I’m really in the slums. I’m in the trenches…What people don’t understand is that underneath this funny, it’s really real. We’re in the streets. I’m a street nigga trying to make it out anyway I can.”

21 Savage has largely dismissed 22 Savage. The Atlanta rapper expressed some disdain for his copycat last month, calling 22 Savage a sucka.

“Shout out to all my real niggas in Baton Rouge. I know y’all didn’t raise a nigga to dick ride another nigga to get on,” he said. “How you gone beef with a nigga you want to be like? Sucka.”

While many observers may think that 22 Savage is foolish to test 21 Savage, the Baton Rouge rapper is not just a jokester. 22 Savage caught a murder charge for his role in a deadly shooting that took place in May 2016.

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