The 2024 XXL Freshman Class has already shown they're not like us. 4batzThat Mexican OT, BigXThaPlug, Lay Bankz, Maiya The Don, BossMan Dlow, Cash Cobain, ScarLip, Hunxho, Skilla Baby and Rich Amiri are all standing tall as rap's next great batch of artists. Unfortunately, with such great power comes great trolling, and luckily these rising rap superstars know how to roll with the punches. As an annual part of the Freshman rollout, these 11 artists address their critics on camera as part of XXL’s Mean Comments.

Online hate is par the course for being a rap star. BigXThaPlug remains one of the biggest artists out of the South this year. While he's comfortable in his own skin, he actually agreed with one troll who said he should hit the gym.

"I done made enough money that I probably could," he says with a smile. "I probably could, you right, you right. I ain't even gonna get on you too crazy ’cause you right, but then would I be BigXthaPlug?"

As for Brooklyn rapper Maiya The Don, she merely lets the distinction of being an XXL Freshman speak for itself when addressing someone who claims she can't rap.

"Guess who thinks I can rap?" Maiya exclaims. "Boy, do I have news for you. Not me being on a platform celebrated for rappers!"

That Mexican OT also didn't dispute a troll's allegations that he may be trash. However, in the Texas rapper's eyes, he's well-taken-care-of trash.

"Have you ever seen trash that look neat?" OT says. "Like yeah, it's trash, but at least it's taken care of. At least it don't smell like sh*t, so f**k it. I guess I'll take that one."

Critics may be surprised to know that 4batz also didn't necessarily disagree with the ongoing rumors that he's AI.

"Beep boop beep," 4batz replies before bursting out laughing.

Philadelphia's own Lay Bankz, meanwhile, kept her responses straightforward. She's not hearing what any hater has to say about her explosive career.

"Lay Bankz SUCKS," one person wrote, to which Lay merely replied with a laugh, "Your f**king mom!"

Watch every artist in the 2024 XXL Freshman Class return fire in the Mean Comments video below.

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