After the 2019 XXL Freshman class was unveiled last week, revealing the 11 artists—Comethazine, Tierra Whack, DaBaby, Lil Mosey, Roddy Ricch, YBN Cordae, YK Osiris, Rico Nasty, Gunna, Megan Thee Stallion and the 10th Spot winner, Blueface—inducted, hip-hop fans were both applauding the cover and hating at the same time.

While the fans of the 11 artists that made the list are satisfied, not everyone is happy with the picks. But even before the public knew who would officially make it into the 2019 XXL Freshman class, there were already haters lurking in the comment sections on XXL's Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages when the Freshman pitch videos debuted back in March. In XXL's new segment, Mean Comments, we rounded up some of the funniest and meanest reactions to these Freshmen's pitch videos when these artists were simply vying for a spot on the cover.

Things started off tame when YBN Cordae read one tweet from a hater. "Building a legacy yet I can't name [five] songs of his," Cordae reads, quoting the tweet. But the 21-year-old rapper seemed confused by the criticism. "Well... I don't have five songs out so fuck you," he replies.

DaBaby was less diplomatic with his response to a mean tweet over his 2019 XXL Freshman pitch. "Damn...This was a pretty trash pitch...He damn near convinced me otherwise and made me feel like he shouldn't be on the list right now," DaBaby reads before getting explicit. "Fuck you, you bitch ass nigga," he claps back.

Meanwhile, Megan Thee Stallion was unfazed by her put-down from a naysayer. "How do y'all bitches like @theestallion she lame ash [as hell]," she reads, looking puzzled by the mean tweet afterward. The Hot Girl then responds, "First of all, bitch, you must like me 'cause you are tuned the fuck in and if you don't like it, tune the fuck out, damn."

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Buy tickets for the 2019 XXL Freshman show in Los Angeles here.

But Blueface took a more restrained approach while reading a harsh critique about him in a tweet. "Blueface: I'm the face of the worst raps," he says nonchalantly. Unimpressed by the remark, the "Thotiana" rapper simply responded back, "That was boof, that was corny. I thought this be way worse. So I fucks with you... ’cause you gave me a break."

And when YK Osiris reads a tweet from someone who thinks he "Ain't Worth It"—an obvious jab at the singer's chart-topping hit "Worth It"—he can only respond with facts. "I am worth it because I'm on the Hot 100 Billboard [chart] and 22 million people [aka his fans] disagree with you," YK states. "So I kinda feel bad for you."

Fellow 2019 XXL Freshmen Roddy Ricch, Tierra Whack, Comethazine, Lil Mosey and Rico Nasty also go in on their haters while reading their mean tweets. Clap back season is in full effect.

Check out XXL's Mean Comments featuring some of the 2019 XXL Freshmen above.

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