The biggest sporting event of the year took place Sunday evening (Feb. 7) when the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers battled it out on the gridiron for the rights to the Lombardi Trophy. The 2016 Super Bowl may be a big deal regardless of who's playing, but this year's match-up came with quite a few storylines that were worth taking note of for many sports fans in the hip-hop community. Peyton Manning, who is in the twilight of his career and staring in the face of athletic mortality, was looking to add another ring to his loaded resume and silent the doubters that were ready to send him out to pasture just a few months ago.

But the biggest reason hip-hop was especially invested in this year's Super Bowl was the Panthers' Cam Newton, who has come to represent everything there is to love about hip-hop and urban culture. Recently crowned the NFL's MVP, Cam made headlines and stirred up controversy throughout the season with his flashy celebrations after big plays, most notably his signature dab pose. He has become beloved among rap fans that relate to his passionate displays of emotion and undeniable swagger. And when you have Jeezy and Future backing you up, it's safe to say that you got their fans riding with you as well.

Being that sports and hip-hop go hand-in-hand, it's no surprise that many of rap's biggest stars were among the millions of viewers tuned in to the game. The Broncos came out on top, beating the Panthers in a 24-10 victory. Here's 10 reactions from some of our favorite hip-hop artists and producers who decided to weigh in on the outcome of Super Bowl 50.

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