Halloween is here. For all the ghouls and ghoulettes, that means the night will be open to mischief, mayhem and plain fun. Whether you are throwing a Halloween party or prepping to go out and hit the town, you’re going to need some tunes to set you in the mood. Since its Halloween, we gotta lace you up with music that’s appropriate for the occasion.

Sometimes hip-hop can get a little spooky. Gravediggaz is most likely the group that immediately pops in your head with their dark and twisted track “6 Feet Deep” or “Suicidal Thoughts” by a troubled The Notorious B.I.G. Hip-hop has always been attracted to the darkness and the result has been some incredibly chilling—albeit very good—songs. Here are XXL’s picks of 20 scary rap songs for your enjoyment. Press play on the playlist and enjoy.