Partnering with Kanye West's design Team DONDA again for his sophomore album, 2 Chainz gets literal for the cover of B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time. Actually bearing two gold linked chains, the cover holds a simplistic value all the while favoring the look of the rapper's debut cover.

When asked about the meaning of the project's title 2 Chainz explained the name's significance telling MTV News, "Me Time has multiple meanings. I feel like my music actually gives people a sense of going away sometimes—without really going on vacation. I feel like when people listen to me, they feel like they’re goin’ somewhere, taking time off; they’re relaxing, lettin’ their hair down.”

The "Based On A Tru Story" spitter also performed "Feds Is Watching" on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Monday night. Assisted by The Roots, 2 Chainz donned a black and white fit while also exclusively unveiling the cover on the show.

The album arrives September 10 featuring Pharell and others.

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