Labor Day weekend is in many ways the last gasp of summer. Unlike the 4th of July, a holiday filled with possibility and hope, Labor Day is a little more low-key, a little more downbeat. Sure, there are things to look forward to in the fall: football season, the changing of the leaves, the new 2 Chainz record. But there's still something a little melancholy about watching the summer come to a close. What's the best way to fight that Labor Day malaise? Throw a BBQ.

There are a few essential steps to throwing a half-way decent Labor Day gathering: you gotta run to the grocery store, you gotta clean out your apartment or house, and you gotta invite some people. You forget anything? Oh yeah, the music. No one wants to sit around and listen to the air conditioner blow stale air as the TV plays a nature documentary in the background. You need a playlist and you need a good one, something that will engage your friends but also show you still know what's hot. Don't sweat: We've got you covered.

Grab your freshest white clothing and maybe some potato salad, and check out 15 rap songs you need on your Labor Day BBQ playlist this weekend. Try not to spill on the couch. - Written By Dan Jackson And Eric Diep

"Collard Greens" ScHoolboy Q
So you invited all your friends over and they're sitting in your backyard. You prepared all this food for them, but these ungrateful jerks are just staring at it, talking amongst each other, eyeing your potato salad from a distance like it committed some sort of criminal offense. So what do you do to get them to eat? You play a song about food. What's the hottest song about food right now? SchoolBoy Q's psych-rap ear worm "Collard Greens." Watch the feasting commence.

"I Hate My Job" - Cam'Ron
No one likes to talk about work the whole time at a social gathering, but there's one thing people do like to do: complain about their jobs. This recession-era 2009 cut from Cam'Ron is a classic anti-work anthem and it's the perfect conversation piece to talk up someone you don't know at a party. "Oh, you hate your job? So does Cam'Ron!"

"Bounce It" Juicy J Featuring Trey Songz And Wale
You can’t go wrong with strip club anthems. Juicy J and his featured guests Trey Songz and Wale drop a heavy ode to throwing cash in “Bounce It.” We’re assuming you will get trippy this weekend, so don’t sleep on those Juicy bangers.

"Work (Remix)" A$AP Ferg
"Put in work," raps A$AP Ferg on this Trap Lord stand-out. "Run up on a killer then I put him in the dirt." Okay, so the type of work that Ferg is describing here may not be exactly what the founders of Labor Day had in mind back in 1882—shout out to Matthew Maguire—but it's the sentiment that counts.

"Strictly For My Jeeps" Action Bronson
So your Labor Day party is going well now. Maybe too well. A bunch of people you don't know showed up. You're out of alcohol already. Some creepy guy in a Randy Savage t-shirt is trying to pile-drive your roommate through the little card table you set up to hold the chips and dip. You gotta slow down, baby. So play this Harry Fraud produced track from Action Bronson's Saaab Stories EP. It might not slow down the chaos, but at least there's a great song playing as your party descends into hell.

"International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)" - UGK Featuring Andre 3000 And Big Boi
You need at least one wedding-like jam on your playlist. It's essential. You don't wanna play "Hey Ya," so you gotta go with this one. It's the law.

"Good Life" - Kanye West Featuring T-Pain
Everyone loves a Kanye track. As great as Yeezus was, it wasn't exactly filled with chill, BBQ-ready anthems—it's probably more suited for some post-apocalyptic Mad Max rave scenario—so maybe reach for something a little more upbeat. The T-Pain assisted "Good Life" will do the trick.

"Sweet Serenade" Pusha T Featuring Chris Brown
Pusha T takes a break from his coke raps to release a tough-talking anthem made for the radio. Featuring distorted vocals by Chris Brown, “Sweet Serenade” is made for having fun and enjoying the finer things in life.

"We Been On" Rich Gang
Rich Gang has been pretty consistent putting out hits. Birdman and Lil Wayne grab R. Kelly for “We Been On.” The trio of talent just screams turn up. This is a BBQ playlist essential.

"100 Grand (Remix)" Iamsu! and Problem
From The Bay to L.A., Iamsu! and Problem connect on their standout Million Dollar Afro cut, “100 Grand (Remix).” Tapping Juvenile for the remix, it’s safe the say this high-energy record will set your BBQs right.

“White Walls” Macklemore & Ryan Lewis
Macklemore’s The Heist recently hit Platinum, so why not revisit the album this weekend? “White Walls” is another gem off the album that features ScHoolboy Q and Hollis. With equal parts energetic production and dope rhymes, it's a must for your cookout soundtrack.

"Bugatti (Remix)" Lil Wayne
Love him or hate him, Lil Wayne’s Dedication series is one of the most prestigious series in the mixtape circuits. You’ll more than likely add a track from Wayne’s Dedication 5, but his remix to Ace Hood’s “Bugatti" still goes.

"Feds Watching" - 2 Chainz Featuring Pharrell
Maybe things are getting a little loud. Your neighbors are complaining from across the hallway or they're peeping through the blinds. Play "Feds Watching" as a sign that you know what's going on and you won't put up with it.

"Hold On, We're Going Home" Drake
As the night winds down, you’ll need some music to relax to. Play Drake’s newest single, “Hold On, We’re Going Home.” It’s Drizzy going full pop, which isn’t necessary a bad thing. Smooth and emotional, which is the perfect way to get comfortable.

"Type Of Way" - Rich Homie Quan
If your BBQ is a success, this is the song to play as everyone leaves for the night. If it's a failure, go ahead and play this song anyway. You'll be feeling some type of way by the end of the night.