Ah yes, the almighty dollar. Or the Pound, the Euro, the Lira, Rupee, whatever. Money is money and it wants you to spend it. In rap, it’s its own unit of currency that funds dreams and delusions of grandeur, but, hey, we love it, right?

There’s nothing like a good song about the cash that makes you feel super broke like you want to rob a bank or clock in a few extra hours at the office so that you too can ball ‘til you fall. We’ve compiled a bunch of the best songs with an outright mention of money (as in, the title) for you to add to your ambition playlist. Who knows, maybe bumping this soundtrack will get you a raise at your job. Maybe not, but the songs are still hot. --KI

“Money, Power, Respect”  The Lox Featuring Lil’ Kim And DMX
The Lox deliver the holy trifecta over a threatening beat, while Lil’ Kim rocks the hook and DMX plays clean up. Just remember, first you get the money, then you get the power, and once you have the power, M.F.ers will respect you.

“Money Ain’t A Thang”  Jermaine Dupri Featuring Jay Z
If this song didn’t make you want to switch four lanes in whatever non-luxury car you were driving at the time, then J.D. and Hov clearly didn’t do their job. Either that or you don’t know a good song about getting cash and driving fast when you hear one.

“Get Money” Junior M.A.F.I.A.
The underlying tone of prostitution runs rampant on Junior M.A.F.I.A.’s track as they allude that sex with either “b**ches” or “n***as” will ultimately get you some money. That’s one job you can’t find on Craigslist. Nevermind, yes you can.

“Arab Money” Busta Rhymes Featuring Ron Browz
Not the most politically correct song title, but Busta Rhymes took Ron Browz’s career to “arab money” heights by letting him wail in Auto-Tune over a zipping beat. What’s he even saying in Arabic anyway. That is Arabic, isn’t it?

“B.M.F. (Blowin’ Money Fast)” Rick Ross
If there is anyone in the game who can teach you how to completely deplete your bank account funds in an instant, it’s Rick Ross. His hard-hitting “B.M.F.” aka “Blowin’ Money Fast” is exactly what the track suggests. Just remember you’re ballin’ on a budget.

“Dreams Money Can Buy” Drake
Drake has this talent, and it involves rapping over beats that shouldn’t be rapped over. On “Dreams Money Can Buy,” Drizzy takes the lazy beat and starts rattling off all of the dreams money can buy. See? The best things in life aren’t free after all.

“Money, Cash, Hoes” Jay Z Featuring DMX
The title of this song never really made much sense, because aren’t “money” and “cash” the same thing? Jay should’ve really put more thought into the title and named it like “Money, Cars, Hoes” or something. Too late now though, and it’s not like DMX noticed.

“Got Money” Lil Wayne Featuring T-Pain
There aren’t any real lyrics to this song. All you know is that it’s about money and it’s “Thissa Wayyyyy (Ahhhhh)” and “Thatta Wayyyyy (Ahhhhh)” and that’s it. Don’t forget to point when you’re stating the directions too.

“PMW (Pussy Money Weed)” A$AP Rocky Featuring ScHoolboy Q
A$AP Rocky has his priorities in order on this Long. Live. A$AP. track. Perhaps he could’ve been more sensitive to ScHoolboy Q’s needs when he decided all they both wanted was “PMW.” What if Q wanted “HIS” (Hugs, Incense, and a Sandwich)?

“Mo Money Mo Problems” The Notorious B.I.G. Featuring Puff Daddy & Ma$e
The ultimate money anthem that doesn’t necessarily glorify the dollar. Released in tandem with the unfortunate passing of Biggie, we learn over a joyous sample that money doesn’t always bring happiness. It can also lead to major problems.

“I Get Money” 50 Cent
When 50 Cent released “I Get Money,” sure the “Top Billin” sample made it feel like it was all about the cash. However, every time Fif snuck in an “I run New York,” you knew that he wasn’t just suggesting he was paid. He was letting you know he was claiming KONY status.

“Got Your Money” Ol’ Dirty Bastard Featuring Kelis
This ODB classic is more than just a good song with a great hook, it’s the best possible track to sing at hip-hop Karaoke with all of your friends. You can even throw dollar bills to the crowd. Try it. You can thank us later for the suggestion.

“Dirty Money” UGK
The title track off UGK’s classic Dirty Money album was a reminder of why we loved UGK so much. The whole project came after an extended absence of work from Pimp C and Bun B, but we were lucky to get this track when we did. Diddy must’ve liked the song so much he made a band out of it.

“Money Over Bullshit” Nas
Nas also made a song called “Money Is My Bitch,” so it’s clear that he has a love/hate relationship with money. We already called that song one of the most arrogant, so it won’t get double the recognition even though we spent this whole summary talking about it. Whoops.

“Money Trees” Kendrick Lamar Featuring Jay Rock
If money actually grew on trees, perhaps Kendrick Lamar’s career would’ve taken off faster than it did. Then again though, we wouldn’t have heard the hunger in his voice that made him our favorite rapper. He’s got money now, ya bish.