Rapper, actor, and entrepreneur 50 Cent added another title to an already impressive masthead when he joined the New York Daily News as the editor of the paper's "Confidenti@l" column for the day. Along with picking what stories would be written, what photos would be chosen and attending a news meeting, Fif dedicated some time to do a Q+A with fans on the Daily News' site.

While the session was brief, Fifty did reveal some of his plans for the future, including what's going on with his TV show, Power, his next album, Street King Immortal, and where his relationship stands with Chelsea Handler.

Here are the most interesting things we learned from Fif's  Q+A session:

1. 50 Cent would want to be in marketing if he wasn't a rapper

If you were not a rapper what could you imagine yourself doing with your life?
50 Cent: I'd like to do marketing. If I wasn't a part of the music scene, I'd still like to be a part of marketing.

2. 50 Cent was heavily influenced by legendary Queens rappers

A lot of influential hip hop artist have come out of Queens (A Tribe Called Quest, Nas, Run DMC, Beatnuts, and Onyx to name a few) so I have a two part question for you. Who were some of your some big influences from Queens that you looked up to and which ones would you like to collab with?
50 Cent: Run DMC, Jam Master J was my mentor. Nas is a big influence. The whole Juice crew.

3. Street King Immortal will be a progression from his last two albums

You are my favorite rapper! What type of album will Street King Immortal be?
50 Cent: I try to balance the highlights from the past two records. To try to create a different style and the story telling.

4. 50 Cent loved working with Robert DeNiro on the big screen

You've worked opposite some pretty big movie stars--guys like Pacino, DeNiro, Willis--so who's been the coolest?
50 Cent: DeNiro. Him and Forrest Whitaker were a lot of fun to do Freelancers. That movie was fun because all of our scenes were together. A majority of it.

5. 50 Cent and Eminem have songs on deck

Will you ever do a song with Eminem again?
50 Cent: Yeah, we got a new song together on my new album. So you'll get a chance to hear that shortly.

6. 50 Cent loves to perform in New York City 

What is your favorite city to perform at in America?
50 Cent: New York. It's just that the energy is different. When you're not together in New York, it can be the worst place for you. But when your presentation is right, this is the place where you want to stretch your stuff.

7. Chelsea Handler is a "Gator"

Where does your relationship with Chelsea Handler currently stand? If you could describe her in one word, what would it be?
50 Cent: Me and Chelsea are good friends. In one word--Gator. I call her Gator. It's sexual, like wrestling an alligator.

8. 50 Cent would be a great life coach

My question is how did you overcome your fears? What are some principles, values, you follow or hold on to in your life?
50 Cent: I'd found something to be passionate about. When you find something that you honestly want to be a part of, you can do it enough to become good at it.

9. Weird things happen to 50 Cent when he's on the road

When I worked in Japan about a decade ago, you were quite popular, even among some middle school girls! Have any interesting stories about fans you've met or you've heard from internationally?
50 Cent: Interesting story: I've come into hotel rooms in places where there have been people in the rooms before. Like when security leaves the room, people will come out of the closet ready to party in just shoes. It's crazy.

10. The second season of Power is almost done

When is Power season 2 coming on?
50 Cent: We're two episodes out of completing the second season. Today they wanted me to do table reads. But why we're not doing those is because we're here, to be the editor.

11. 50 Cent Predicts the Super Bowl

Who is winning the Super Bowl?
50 Cent: I don't know. Let's say Seahawks.

12. 50 Cent is not a fan of marriage

What's the most difficult aspect of being an entrepreneur?
50 Cent: The toughest thing is being a good judge of character with the people you're dealing with. You pick the smartest guys at the top of Fortune 500 companies and ask them where they took their biggest losses, and they'll say their biggest losses would be marriage. Because it's an investment in not being a good judge of character.

50 Cent is editing Confidenti@l for New York Daily News