Lending even more credence to the notion that Yung Joc knew exactly what he was doing with that new hair style, the rapper appeared on VH1 Live! with Marc Lamont Hill Monday night (Aug. 29) revealing that he actually helped fuel the flames of his own Twitter roasting.

"Would I be wrong if I said after I did it, you know people gonna talk about it, and I created like over seven of the different memes that everybody’s reposting," Joc says in the above clip."Would I be wrong for that? Cause it was funny to me." As for why he decided to switch his hair style up, the Atlanta rapper said, "I got a call from a certain exec that I definitely respect, like 'Yo I want you to come do a show.' And I was like 'Oh ok bet. I need to do something crazy.'"

Late last week, Joc issued a statement via Instagram suggesting that he switched to the new do to stir conversation or for a movie role. "What if I just chose to do something different cause I knew your motherfuckin’ ass was gonna talk about it? So I won. But then hold up, what if I wasn’t even doing it for that? What if I’m playing a movie role? Ultra smooth, cool ass cat that’s just fly. I can’t do that?" he said.

A quick look at Joc’s iMDb shows that he is in fact filming a movie titled The Products of the American Ghetto which takes place in the 1960s. The film is written and directed by Henderson Maddox, with Joc’s character listed as Mike Mo though he doesn't mention the project above.

Yung Joc Gets Dragged on Twitter for His New Hair

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