Your Old Droog is up to new tricks—or tracks, rather. The Brooklyn rapper is a dropping a new album titled Packs on March 10, 2017 and to tease the upcoming release, he's gifting fans two new songs when they pre-order the project via Bandcamp. Droog has shared the cover art and tracklist for the album on Bandcamp as well.

Packs will count as Droog's sophomore album, following his 2014 self-titled debut. The 14-track album features guest appearances from Danny Brown, Heems, Wiki, Edan, Chris Crack and comedian Anthony Jeselnik and sports The Alchemist, 88 Keys, RTNC and more as producers.

One of the tracks available upon pre-order is "White Rappers," which Droog first let go of in June 2016. With pinpointed delivery, Droog—a Ukrainian-American—addressed the idea of an MC being judged by his skin color. The other track is titled "G.K.A.C." and shows off Droog's imaginative storytelling.

"The world treated him like three-fifths so he copped four-fifths/No Mother Mary's and Joseph's/He blowed spliffs laced with PCP, not too discerning/But shit was like a ritual when dude was burning," he raps in the first verse.

Packs drops March 10 under Fat Beat Records. Check out the tracklist below and listen to "G.K.A.C." after that.

Your Old Droog's Packs Tracklist

1. "G.K.A.C."
2. "Jeselnik Skit 1" Feat. Anthony Jeselnik
3. "I Only"
4. "Bangladesh" Feat. Heems
5. "Grandma Hips" Feat. Danny Brown
6. "Jeselnik Skit 2" Feat. Anthony Jeselnik
7. "Just An Interlude" Feat. Chris Crack
8. "White Rappers (A Good Guest)"
9. "Help" Feat. Wiki and Edan
10. "Jeselnik Skit 3" feat. Anthony Jeselnik
11. "You Can Do It! (Give Up)"
12. "Rapman"
13. "My Girl Is a Boy"
14. "Winston Red"

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